Celebrity weddings often lead the way in wedding trends, so by looking at what celebrities are doing this year you can predict what general wedding trends are going to be the following year.

When couples are looking for inspiration for their wedding day, celebrity weddings are often a good place to start. Although you’re unlikely to get invited to them personally, one of the top celebrity magazines usually buys the rights to the wedding photos so you can browse every detail of your favourite celebrity wedding to your heart’s content. Celebrity weddings often lead the way in wedding trends, so by looking at what celebrities are doing this year you can predict what general wedding trends are going to be the following year.

Trends in Celebrity Weddings

If you’d like to have a celebrity style wedding but without the enormous price tag that usually accompanies one, there are plenty of celebrity wedding trends that you can incorporate into your big day. All-white weddings are a very fashionable choice for celebrities, with crisp white stationery and linen, white flowers, and white bridesmaids’ dresses. This is a simple and affordable trend to follow.

Celebrity weddings often have a stylish yet casual feel, meaning that although the wedding has been carefully planned and designed with the latest fashions in mind, the overall feel is laid back and informal. This often means opting for buffet style finger food rather than a formal sit down dinner to allow more time for mingling, and a relaxing of the traditional speeches, first dance, cake cutting wedding timeline.

While it might not be practical or affordable to replicate a celebrity wedding in its entirety, you can always use elements of celebrity weddings and make them your own. Perhaps you loved Kate Middleton’s lace sleeves, or Kate Ritchie’s fifties style waistline, and you could incorporate those into your own wedding dress design.

Venues for Celebrity Weddings

Although glamorous five star hotels used to be the top locations for big celebrity weddings, many well-known couples are now looking for more secluded private venues and hiring country estates or using their own family homes to throw an intimate backyard wedding for just close family and friends.

If your backyard isn’t big enough for a celebrity style wedding, think about hiring a holiday home with a large garden, or asking for exclusive use of a boutique hotel with grounds, which would have the added advantage that all your guests could stay over. Wine estates or country golf clubs can also work well for small celebrity style weddings, or you could go really overboard and hire a boat for the day so you can get married on the water.

Surprise Celebrity Weddings

Keeping the engagement a secret and throwing a surprise wedding is becoming more popular with celebrities eager to keep their arrangements away from the media, and you could do the same just for the added sense of excitement. The announcement that Michael Clarke and Kyly Boldly were recently married came a surprise to all but the lucky few invited to the wedding, and in the case of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan not even the guests knew they were going to a wedding.

Extended Celebrity Weddings

The idea that less is more often doesn’t apply to celebrity weddings. Whilst traditionally most couples choose to get married close to the bride’s family home, many celebrities take a different approach and simply throw two wedding celebrations, one in each location, especially if they are from different countries. They may also extend their weddings to include more than just one day, opting instead for entire wedding weekends or festivals including lunches, after parties and sporting activities. The other aspect of celebrity weddings that tends to get doubled up is their outfits, with many celebrity brides changing their wedding dress several times during the day to showcase the work of a particular designer.

Iconic Celebrity Weddings

While each year has its own highlights when it comes to celebrity weddings, there are a few iconic occasions that will always be remembered for particular dresses or styles. Grace Kelly’s beautiful dress started the trend for fuller skirted wedding dresses when she married Prince Ranier of Monaco in the fifties, and the lace covered beige dress that Jackie O wore for her second marriage was a huge hit for Valentino. Everyone was anxious to see whether Kate Middleton could live up to the standard set by the late Lady Diana for royal weddings and it’s safe to say nobody was disappointed.

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